Naomi japan - Mastercard japan

Our biggest global competitor is going to be making a lot of noise in Japan next year.


How can we best use our newest sponsorship asset, Naomi Osaka, to steal some of their limelight – and to make Mastercard not just acceptable, but desirable?

We want people in Japan to understand that Mastercard is accepted all over.


And we are using Naomi Osaka to help us do that. Naomi Osaka. 

A woman who is named after one particular city.


What if we use that fact to our advantage? And use it to 

communicate that we (and she) are accepted in not just one, 

but all Japanese cities?

We’ll collaborate with a Japanese top tier fashion designer to create 

8 exclusive outfits for Naomi, each one will represent a different city around Japan.


and sell the outfits on the ...

Using the card accepted all over Japan just like she is: Priceless