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Emobot - Health Promotion Board

As more teenagers turned to self-mutilation, violence and even suicide as an outlet for their feelings, the Singapore Health Promotion Board had to step in. Studies show that teenagers who share their feelings and problems are less likely to hurt themselves and others. So we needed to find a way to get them to open up and share their feelings.


In a partnership between Universal Music and the Health Promotion Board, in 2010 we created a social media platform that could translate youth’s emotions into a language anyone could understand – music.In just 4 months, 66,835 teenagers found a song for their emotions.


Health Promotion Board’s youth portal, where tips on how to cope with stress were shared, saw over 1,000% increase in the number of visitors. Through the power of music, our youth is now tine tuning into their emotions – one song at a time.


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